Day 15-Working With Joomla Components Menu-Contacts!

In my previous article I have discussed about the Banner under Components Menu in articles “Day – 12 “.and ” Day – 13.”, “Day – 14″.
Today, We will start with next components menu “Contacts”. When u click on Contacts under components menu there are two more sub menus – “Contacts Manager” and “Category Manager” . Am going to write about only “Contacts Manager” as “Category Manager ” is same as mentioned under “Banner” . So let’s start with the “Contact Manager”…..
What Is Contact Manager ?

The Contact Manager screen allows you to add contact information to your Joomla site. You can enter information such as name, address, phone and e-mail. You can also link contacts to registered users. Afterwards, you can use the Menu Manager to create front-end links to the contacts. See below contact manager in figure. I have highlighted the column header, toolbars and contact manager header with blue . Let’s discuss about these in detail.