Day 21-Working With Joomla Extension Menu

In my previous articles “Day -12” to “Day – 20” , I wrote about the components menu. Today, will write about the next menu Extension. Under Extensions there are several sub menus, I will start with the install/uninstall menu. How we can install and uninstall modules, components, plugins, templates.

Extensions are add-ons that expand the functionality of Joomla. Extensions are used to add capabilities to Joomla that do not exist in the standard package. Hundreds of Extensions are available for Joomla, with more being developed all of the time.
Extensions are categorized into five types, as follows:
• A Component is a mini-application that renders the main body of the page. Examples of Components are Contacts, the Front Page, and News Feeds.
• A Module is a smaller Extension typically used for rendering a small element that displays across multiple pages. Examples of Modules include Menus and Related Items.
• A Plugin is a section of code that runs when a pre-defined event happens within Joomla. For example, editors are Plugins that run when an edit session is opened.