Day 28-Working With Joomla Tools Menu

Yesterday I wrote about Cache Manager in article Day-27.Today I will write on Purge Expired Cache next to Cache Manager under tools, What is Purge Expired Cache and how it works. Let’s start with the definition of Purge Cache Manager!
What is Purge Expired Cache?

Click on Tools menu at joomla administration backend and you will see Purge Expired Cache in sub menu. Click on this menu. You will see screen as shown below:
This tool will purge all expired cache files from the cache folders. Cache files which are still current are not purged.

* Because this process has to check each cache file individually, it is slower and requires more system resources than the Clean Cache option. However, once the purge process is complete, there should be no loss in speed for users of the site, because all current cache files are still available. In contrast, the Clean Cache option runs more quickly, since it just deletes all of the files in each cache folder. However, the website may be a little slower