Day 30- How to use Joomla! as Forum

Am here today to write article on how to use joomla as forum. As in my previous article I have written about Joomla as Blog. Today am going to write How we will use joomla as forum , I would like to install the most popular forum software I have activated the Legacy Plugin in the Plugin Manager menu so this forum software can work properly.

Following are the features of FireBoard :

* User-defined nesting forum categories

* As many forums as you want with access rights

* User profiles and user avatars

* Upload of files and images for a forum entry

Setting Up a Forum

Here I will explain how to set up forum into joomla.

After the installation of Fireboard software, I will set up a category first, which will act as a container around the forums contained inside. After creating category, I will set up the actual forum, which I can then assign to that category.