Day 05- Introduction To Joomla Administration Top Menu!

This post was written by neerja.sharma on January 20, 2009
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Now, you are welcome to the Day 5 of your Joomla Website Setup series. Yesterday I wrote aobut the “Introduction To Joomla Administration Control Panel.”Today I am introducing you to Joomla administration control panel’s “Top Menu”. I’ll be discussing all of the items of the top menu in brief one by one.


The Top Menu Components

The top menu of the Joomla Administration looks like below picture.


There are total 7 components in top menu:

  1. Site
  2. Menus
  3. Content
  4. Components
  5. Extensions
  6. Tools
  7. Help


Site Menu

The Site menu looks like below picture.

It has the following items:

  1. Control Panel
  2. User Manager
  3. Media Manager
  4. Global Configuration
  5. Logout



Clicking on this menu item logs you out of Joomla Administration area.

Rest of the items have been discussed in day 4 tutorial.


Menus Menu

The Menus menu looks like the picture shown below.


It has the following items included:

  1. Menu Manager
  2. Menu Trash


Menu Manager

The Menu Manager manages all of the menus created for content presentation. How to do all this stuff will be discussed in forthcoming discussions.


Menu Trash

Whatever menus or menu items you delete, go to Menu Trash. There on you can delete those permanently or restore the relevant items.


Content Menu

The Content menu looks like the picture below:


It has the following items:

  1. Article Manager
  2. Article Trash
  3. Section Manager
  4. Category Manager
  5. Front Page Manager


Article Trash

Whichever articles you delete are sent to Article Trash. There from the deleted articles can be deleted permanently or restored.


Rest of the items have been discussed in day 4 discussion.


Components Menu

The Components menu looks like the picture as below:



Any components installed will be shown under this menu item. The items shown will depend upon what you have installed.


Extensions Menu

The Extensions menu looks like the picture below.


The items under this menu are:

  1. Install/Uninstall
  2. Module Manager
  3. Plugin Manager
  4. Template Manager
  5. Language Manager



This menu item is used to install or uninstall the Joomla extensions. The extensions can be components, modules, plugins, templates and languages.


Module Manager

This menu item is used to manage installed modules. Here you can do several operations like create, delete, copy etc. on module items.


Plugin Manager

This menu item is used to manage installed plugins. Here you can enable/disable the plugin items.


Template Manager

Here all the installed templates can be managed. You can also edit the template php and css files.



Tools Menu

The Tools menu looks like the picture below.


The items under this menu are listed as below:

  1. Read Messages
  2. Write Messages
  3. Mass Mail
  4. Global Check-in
  5. Clean Cache


Read Messages

Here you can read the private messages sent by other registered users on the site. Mails can not be received in this box. Only private messages sent from Joomla write messages menu to other Joomla registered users only within the same site.


Write Messages

Here you can write private messages to the other registered Joomla registered members on the same site only. No mails are allowed to the outside domains from this interface.


Mass Mail

Here you can send mails to the email ids of the registered users. But mails can be sent only to groups of members and not individual members.


Global Check-in

Check-out means that the content item is locked. Check-in means that the item is unlocked. When the content item is being edited, it’s checked-out. When it’s saved then it’s checked-in. Global Check-in unlocks all of the locked content items.


Clean Cache

It cleans the cache memory. Cache is just like a buffer which is used to save the load on the site. When cache is cleaned then the buffer is emptied and fresh content is loaded from database.


Help Menu

The Help menu looks like the picture below.


The items under this menu are:

  1. Joomla Help
  2. System Info


Joomla Help

This menu item shows the links to the help available on Joomla topics on


System Info

It shows information about all of components of system. PHP version, PHP Settings, Joomla configuration file, directory permissions etc. are all listed here.


That’s all for today. In day 6, I am gonna discuss about adding new content in Joomla website. Remember to come back and grab your tutorial session.