Day 23-Working With Joomla Tools Menu

This post was written by neerja.sharma on June 13, 2010
Posted Under: 30 Days To Joomla WebSite Setup

Yesterday I wrote about Joomla Extensions in article Day-22. Today I will write on Read Messages under tools , What are read messages and how it works. Let’s start with the definition of read messages

What are Read Messages?

Click on Tools menu at backend and you will see Read messages sub menu. Click on this menu. This screen allows you to view, reply to, and delete a Private Message as shown in below figure.

Following are the details :

  • From. The sender of the message. Who will sent message. As as shown in figure the name of sender is “Administrator ”
  • Posted. The date and time the message was sent.
  • Subject. The subject of the message. I have taken the “Welcome to Joomla”.You can write subject as per your requirement.
  • Message. The body of the message.


  • Reply. Reply to the message. This tool is used to reply the messages.
  • Delete. This is used to delete the message.
  • Cancel. When you click on this tool then it will go back to the main screen of the Manager, without saving the modifications you made.
  • Help. You can used this if you needed any help for using read messages.


  • Private Messages can only be received by Users who are members of the “Super Administrator” group.