How To Protect Yourself From ‘Shopping Mania’

This post was written by Poonam Sharma on February 15, 2010
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  • Don’t run after the sales: Just because a shop is offering huge discount on certain items, don’t purchase those items even if you don’t need those items, or haven’t planned for them in your budget, just make the necessary purchases.
  • Don’t shop just for time pass: Some people go for shopping when they don’t have anything else to do. This is only a waste of time and money, and should be avoided.
  • Try to pay in cash: according to a research, a large percentage of people shop more when shopping with credit card, as compared to mwhen shopping in cash. Try to shop in cash, unless not shopping for expensive commodities, and this will put a check on unnecessary shopping.
  • Plan your shopping beforehand: Always make a list of items to be purchased, and the stores from where to make the purchases, this will prevent you from going different places, and getting allured by different offers, hence spending money recklessly.Also, give priorities to different items, and buy only those which are needed urgently, plan others for the next month.
  • Maintain a diary: Manintain a diary to protect yourself from shopping mania. Write all your expenditures and income in that diary, so taht you can be aware of your expenses, and make savings accordingly.Nowadays, this is made easier with the e-diaries, which automatically update your expenses, when you make the entries.
  • Make space for the big expenses: If there are some big expenditures in a month, like some function, or a birthday party, plan for it in the budget from the start of the month, so that there is no inconvenience later on. Accordingly, put a stop on any other kind of purchases, which are not needed urgently,
  • Don’t give in to kids’ demands: Children always make undue demands for clothes, shoes and toys, while shopping. Stop them from doing so from the very beginning, and tell them the importance of money, otherwise they will become more adamant in future, which will be incontrollable.
  • Always check the bills: Always check the bill before making payment and see if you haven’t bought anything unnecessarily. Sometimes, you make paymnts for things you haven’t even purchased and have been entered in the list by mistake.
  • Don’t shop to destress: Some people shop to overcome their stress. Instead, try some other means, like meetig your friends, watching your favourite movie, or spending time with kids.
  • Shop at local markets: If you still want to pursue your hobby to shop, you should choose the local market, instead of branded things from the malls, which will be less costly, and satisfy you also.