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Cellular & Paging Systems

CellularPagingSystemsMany businesses cannot afford to miss a phone call, be it even a cellular call. We do provide in building coverage enhancement systems to achieve better signal strength throughout facility. Some businesses, like construction sites, hospitals and schools have needs for onsite private alphanumeric paging systems and others have need for overhead speakers based paging systems. We provide solutions for all these requirements.

In-Building Cellular Coverage Enhancement: We offer solutions to improve inside building coverage for Cellular Phones / Blackberry / Smart Phone needs, be you a small / medium healthcare facility, a large water treatment plant, or simply have internal needs for sales  teams / managers and executives to be always available to answer any call, be it cellular or standard incoming PBX call. Solutions are available for a single band (1900MHz or 850MHz) or dual band for cellular carrier independent coverage for GSM/CDMA/3G HSPA systems.

On Premise Private Paging: Construction, Healthcare industry and Maintenance staff / and certain machines / alarm systems may need paging systems with small / campus wide coverage. We have all these solutions available to satisfy your requirements.

Overhead Paging: Security concerns and health and safety requirements now necessitate implement not only PBX based phone paging systems but also overhead paging systems for all kinds of business in additon to typical needs of large office / warehouses and retail sector. We can cost effectively implenet these and interface overhead speakers with PBX / Phone system.



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