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Wireless Networking


Wireless Communications A Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) implements a flexible voice /data communication system frequently augmenting rather than replacing a wired LAN within a building or campus. Campus and Hotel wide Wireless Internet coverage for Guests, students and customers is a growing but challenging requirement to fulfil. Wireless also allows secure and high speed buildings interconnect for nearby business locations to be interlinked to form an extended LAN, thus eliminating needs for expensive teleco leased lines.

Indoors, Warehousing, Plants and Campus Wireless Networking: The ability to roam freely throughout the facility and need to securely access network from different places in an enterprise, bar code scanning and inventory access via handheld scanners in warehouses, Internet access needs of visiting guests and consultants of a company, students and faculty at an educational institution campus and hotel guests in their rooms and throughout hotel property, to the mobile access to patients records in hospitals, has become a crucial and well anticipated requirement these days. We help you plan, design and implement indoors and campus secure wireless networking to meet these needs in a very cost effective way.

Outdoors Wireless Buildings Interconnect: We offer professional design, deployment and maintenance of short and medium range point-to-point and multiple point wireless WAN networks for speeds of 10Mbps to 1Gbps utilizing license exempt and licensed frequencies. Private enterprises, healthcare, Radiology clinics and School boards can save a lot of money by eliminating expensive leased low speed lines by installing their own secure high speed network and recover their investment in one to two year time frame. We deliver complete solution for all your buildings interconnect needs to carry all your voice, data, video, medical imaging transfer, distance learning, video conferencing and buildings surveillance communication requirements. We have experience in engineering & design of Dragonwave, Bridgewave, Cisco, Proxim, Ubiquity, Tranzeo and Trango wireless bridges and Microwave solutions.


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