Why I Started My Own Website

This post was written by Ganesh Dutt Sharma on November 21, 2008
Posted Under: Introduction

I always liked some sort of programming. But, I was not getting chance to work as a programmer so I used to program tid-bits at my office work. That also had limited scope. While working in an organization, you are always limited to the resources and the chance plus time to work up your mind. You can not do what you like. While going through this I started thinking of doing something of my own.

Actually I was building website for my elder sister. Some how she got busy with her usual works and I thought of starting of one of my own sites.

My very first idea of building website was to write some personal development articles. I decided to use Joomla 1.5 as CMS for my website. After writing 6-7 articles, quota finished. This was: http://www.worldiswelcome.com.

Then I wrote 2-3 product reviews. I named this site as http://products.worldiswelcome.com But that was boring work for me.

Because I was technical person, so I wrote some technical articles for my friends and colleagues. I name this site as: http://technology.worldiswelcome.com.

This site serves as forum for my software extensions.

At last I decided to setup some sort of article directory. For that I collected lots of articles and arranged them in lots of relevant sections and categories. I named the site as: http://articles.worldiswelcome.com.

Now, I wanted to show up articles in a way like E-Zine Articles. Unable to find my desired extension, led me to decide to write that extension myself and hence I came into programming in web-development. After developing that extension, I named it as: Section Navigator.

To provide my users downloads of softwares, I setup another website: http://zenshop.worldiswelcome.com. There I put some products from amazon website as well.

After that google adsense thing came to my mind. So, I decided to use adsense. Putting up extension on joomla site helped me out to get some traffic and that $$$ thing.

So, now I am fully busy with my joomla development in my free hours. Its giving me some intellectual satisfaction, some $$$ thing and lot more satisfaction that I am being counted on intenet.